Easy tips to relax stressed mind and body

Sometimes we feel low and our mood doesn’t do well. You may call it ‘Chemical locha’ happening inside our tiny brain or something else, but this happens with most of us very often. Well, technically speaking feeling low or a bad mood without any reason is usually caused due to less presence of Harmon Serotonin in our body. There are a lot of drugs or Serotonin enhancing products available on the market, but such drugs are recommended only for extreme cases of depression. In case you just want to enhance or boost your mood or relax your stressed mind; there are lots of natural options. Here are some tips which will help you boost your mood and relax your stressed mind and body. read more

The Problem With #Goals

Social media is a powerful tool. It keeps us entertained, enlightened, and informed. It gives us the ability to stay connected and let our voices be heard. It can even allow us to generate inspiration and “dream big”. Yet, despite the positives, there are elements that continue to present problems. For me, there is one in particular that has stood out as of late. read more