Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice review

Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) Aloe Vera Juice review:

Two years back I had developed a severe digestive problem, largely due to my unhealthy lifestyle. I tried different medications, but the problem continued. So, I decided to deal with it myself. I always knew that the best way to cope up with my problem is to have a healthy lifestyle. I started doing proper exercise, eating a small meal after every 2-3 hours and include a large number of raw vegetables and fruits. But I felt I needed more than this to cleanse and repair my digestive system. I started out doing research and discovered that aloe vera contains aloin that is responsible for its purgative action so it is known to relieve constipation and digestive problem. read more

What Motivates YOU? A Lululemon & Fitness First Giveaway!

June June Juuuuune! Despite the fact that you officially bring forth the Australian winter, I’m still happy you are in full swing. Lots to look forward to this month; I’m currently enjoying the last few weeks of my 20-something life.

Please don’t stick a fork in me yet, though. In celebration of one of my favourite months of the year, a recent two year blogging milestone here at Femme Fitale, and embracing all the changes that lie ahead for my family this year, I’ve teamed up yet again with my amazing friends at Fitness First for an exciting giveaway! Once again, I apologize to my wonderful international readers…this one is for the Aussies. read more