Over Coffee [06.05.18]

Oh man, you guys! Clearly an update is in order! If it wasn’t 8:45pm, I would definitely dive into a big cup of java.

1. You’d think I would have a million and one things to ramble on about in this Over Coffee post, but the truth is, I don’t. I feel like I am SO boring lately, which may be a large part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much. read more

Body After Baby: Getting Back In Shape

I questioned whether or not I really wanted to write this post after being encouraged to do so by a few friends. Having celebrated Thomas’s first birthday two months ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about the crazy changes a woman’s body endures from pre-pregnancy to the pre-natal journey to the aftermath. Our bodies definitely get thrown for a loop, no matter how fit or healthy we are. read more

Mizuno Running Shoes {Review}

Several weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to visit The Athlete’s Foot where I would be fitted for a new pair of Mizuno running shoes. I am very familiar with the Japanese brand, having worn Mizuno court shoes throughout my volleyball years. They also sponsor many Canadian sports programs, particularly Team Canada Baseball. So, I was surprised to find that Mizuno is relatively new to the Australian market, despite the fact that they are one of the oldest sporting brands in the world (dating back to 1906; in comparison, Nike only dates back to the early 70s). read more

March Favourites

It’s a couple days later than I had hoped, but here it is…my March Faves!


Breakfast. Brunch. Brinner. It’s always been a fact that I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. It’s a definite favourite. March was no exception, and I also believe I upped the ante. During our New Zealand trip, I did everything possible to find breakfast options wherever we went. My favourite choice/indulgence on vacation was this French toast brioche. I ended up eating a very similar meal a few days later in a completely different town because I couldn’t stop thinking about it! {I do make a healthier French toast at home, but the one from vacay- pictured below- was off the charts}. read more

Boulders and Belaying: My Experience at Urban Climb

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have been invited to Urban Climb, Brisbane’s indoor rock climbing centre in the city’s West End. I’m always interested in checking out new fitness activities and events, so I was excited to take part in a Friday night rock climbing adventure!

Thought #1: These walls are waaaay bigger than anything I’ve climbed in my (very few) past experiences. Ahhh! read more

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me: Vol. 1

Oh, why hello there!

You’re going to have to start calling me Houdini. Listen. I know. Sometimes I am all over this blogging thing, and other days/weeks I just have to throw in the towel. I have plenty of excuses for not writing consistently, but this week, sleep has trumped computer time.

I have several half-written and drafted posts just waiting to be cared for, but after finishing a late night workout, I just want to write unrestrictedly before I hit the hay for the evening. So, I thought I’d whip up my first ever “20 Things You {Probably} Didn’t Know About Me” post (unless your name is Adam, Mom, Dad, or Martha). read more

Easy Vegetarian Omelette

Hey, guys! Hope you have had a great week. Mine has been pretty out of control and exhausting, to tell you the truth. Thomas has been quite the handful and not his usual self. He has been crying/teething everyday since Margaret, my mother in law, left last weekend. On top of that, Adam has been away for the past two weeks (again) for work, so this 24/7 Mum job is really getting to me. Luckily, Daddy-o was making his way home as I wrote up this post, so perhaps I will be able to take a little breather soon. read more

…And Then There Were Four

Last Thursday (October 30th), I was simply going about my day. Doctor’s appointment, cleaning/running errands, publishing a blog post, and going through the motions that come with being a current SAHM to a 20 month old. By mid-afternoon, we were both getting a little restless, so I decided to make a quick trip to the gym for a walk on the treadmill, some light stretching, and to let Thomas run around with the kids in the childcare centre for an hour. Little did I know, our average day was about to get a lot more exciting. read more

Festive & Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

I consider myself to be a fairly festive person, particular in the way of celebrating various holidays. I’ve always admired those who make the effort to decorate their homes, bake and cook holiday-appropriate dishes, and host celebratory events. Since moving to Australia, I must admit that I haven’t been nearly as jubilant when it comes to making a fuss over the typical North American occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Canada Day, or even Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving? What’s that? Aussies are seemingly much more laid back when it comes to celebrating the holidays. No wonder…the beautiful, sunny weather here makes every day seem like a holiday! Halloween is just catching on in Oz and Christmas feels more like a 4th of July backyard barbecue to me. Which is fine for now, as I’ve saved a pile of money on hosting parties and purchasing holiday home decor 😉 read more