Festive & Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

I consider myself to be a fairly festive person, particular in the way of celebrating various holidays. I’ve always admired those who make the effort to decorate their homes, bake and cook holiday-appropriate dishes, and host celebratory events. Since moving to Australia, I must admit that I haven’t been nearly as jubilant when it comes to making a fuss over the typical North American occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Canada Day, or even Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving? What’s that? Aussies are seemingly much more laid back when it comes to celebrating the holidays. No wonder…the beautiful, sunny weather here makes every day seem like a holiday! Halloween is just catching on in Oz and Christmas feels more like a 4th of July backyard barbecue to me. Which is fine for now, as I’ve saved a pile of money on hosting parties and purchasing holiday home decor 😉 read more